Why we exist

In 2001 experts of Child’s heart made a decision to formalize their work, to structure and focus towards the same goal, the same target group - to those in need. Parents of children with disabilities, not very optimistic, their children with the need for understanding, love and socializing, and us watching all that. What do you think, were we capable of watching someone in pain, hearing their cry? No, we didn’t just stood and watched, we were there trying to understand, to turn their circle of sorrow into joy, to show that it’s not a shame to ask for help, and that everybody needs it once in a while. We showed to sad and dissatisfied parents the qualities of their “eternal” children, honest and pure, souls full of love and compassion for others, and we showed the children the beauty of life. Happy children learned how to make their parents happy, and parents learned not to bind overprotect their children.

Parents and children are now sharing joy, not sadness, hugs, not different parts of the house, share lives with neighbors, friends, god-fathers, and they’re not alone anymore. Others watched us and gathered around positive energy, ours and our users. 500 volunteers with different knowledge, interest and title, have passed our training and supported our work for years. Our users with mental disability and their educators-volunteers who are approximately the same age, in joint activities learn from each other. People with mental disability are learning life skills - how to take care of themselves and others, how to gather and include into the social environment, and their peers – volunteers are learning to look forward for the little things, to be happy with what they’ve got, to live in the present, not the future or past.  Our colleagues, future colleagues, partners, people of good will, donors, media, lawmakers, representatives of the state and state institutions are watching us, and we are happy about it, because we want our work to be transparent, we’re proud of our results, because we’re sure that many of those who watch us will trace our steps and become hunters of other people’s smiles.



You can contact us on one of following ways:

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