Ways of support

Ways of support

Dear Sir/Madame,

We invite you to join the action
 “It is easy to learn if you know how!”

During 2015, with Your unselfish help, we implemented the programme “School of Life”. Results showed that among 100% of beneficiaries, a change is noticed and that among 28% of young people with disabilities, a visible improvement in the process of becoming independent is noticeable already after their first participation at “School of Life” programme. We want to continue with programme and help children and young people with disabilities to leave institutional and family “asylum”. Creating an experiential pattern helps them to be useful to themselves and others in the community they live. “School of Life” helps them to identify, perceive and put their potential into maximum function, in order to be more autonomous and independent from their parents and people who currently take care about them. Some of young people with mental disability have been trained and employed due to the programme “School of Life” (they produce paper bags which are later distributed in 97 objects of “Apoteka Beograd”).

In November we plan to implement the 3rd “School of Life” in this year for 35 children and young people with disabilities. Participants will continue initiated process of learning, independent care about themselves and managing in practical situations. Programme “School of Life” consists of three levels through which participant go in the process of becoming independent. The first School aimed at assessing capabilities and potentials of children and young people with mental disabilities in everyday situations by experts from “Child’s heart”. The second School implied that participants with the help of experts began process of adoption of practical knowledge related to maintaining personal hygiene, taking care about personal things, orientation in familiar and unfamiliar space, preparation of meals, etc. The third School, through which they will go, includes assessment of independence children and young people with mental disabilities have reached and recommendations for further adoption of life skills. After this programme, parents will get clear guidelines by experts on how to become partners in their child’s growing up.

We invite you to jointly give support and organize for the 3rd time in 2015 “School of Life” for persons with mental disabilities. It is necessary to ensure, till the beginning of November, 840 000 dinars (we have so far provided 320 000 dinars), how much costs staying for 35 persons with mental disabilities and 10 educators. Get involved and according to your capacities help us to collect necessary funds. We invite you to visit us and see how we have used your help. We are open for conversations or any kind of proposals about any form of cooperation that you think would be suitable.

Thank you in advance!

Our contact numbers are: +381 11 3348806; +381 11 3349589; +381 11 3349578; +381 64 8135623

Person for contact: Ana Spasic

Bank account number: 250-1340000055060-07 (donation)




You can contact us on one of following ways:

Phone:(+381) 11 33 49 623
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