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The seminar for parents of school children in Paracin

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Within the project „We Care, We Act“ the seminar „Sensitization of  parents of children who are attending school together with children with disabilities” was held on December, the 17th 2013 in primary school “Ðura Jakšic“ in Paracin. The project is financed by European Union within the program of European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR), with support of Ministry of Labour and Social Policy.

The attendees were listening very carefully the exposure, and some of them had the need to share their experiences with the group. Some of parents said that at the beginning they have had fear for which attitude to take and how to explain their children differences between them and children with disabilities. They emphasized that it is very important for them, as parents whose role is to educate and guide their children, to get right information from experts in this field because they have a lot of doubts and are not sure which attitude to take. At the end of the seminar, parents got an evaluation questionnaire where they had the opportunity to express their views on importance of organizing seminars on this subject, if they think this is appropriate  way of promoting persons with disabilities, how much the seminar will be helpful in conversation with their children, how much the seminar has influenced change of their attitude towards persons with disabilities and what is their opinion on having child with disabilities in the same class with their children. All parents gave positive answer to the question related to usefulness of such seminar. They also stated that this way of promoting persons with disabilities is appropriate, as well as, they will talk to their children in a different way about persons with disabilities after this seminar. As far as changing attitude towards persons with disabilities is concerned, 48% of parents stated that the seminar made changes in their attitude, 40% has not changed their attitude considering that they already have had positive attitude and 12% of parents remained undeclared. All present parents declared that the presence of child with disabilities can contribute development of their children in a positive sense.  Some of the comments were: “I think that, in this way, my child is prepared to understand other people in the future”, “It is sure that it can contribute to my child to feel positive, because if he helps a child with special needs, he will probably feel better and will know that he had done useful and right deed”, “The presence of child with disabilities contributes to development of healthy child in the sense of identification of positive qualities among others and developing humanity, as well as acceptance of humanity and persons who are in any way different from majority”.

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