Programs The "Life Skill's School"

The "Life Skill's School"




The “Life Skill’s School” program is aimed to provide the support to people with disabilities, needed for substantial living, according to their needs, wishes and possibilities. 

The program is presented as the preparation for substantial living at the least restrictive environment through active participation in concrete life situations. It involves preparation of parents and staff from the institutions to give an adequate support for these persons. It is important for people with disabilities to be involved in different life situations and so create the practical schema for realization of different activities.

The target group of the program are people with disabilities (from biological, foster families and institutions), parents, guardians, fosters, staff from the institutions...

The problems that existed and which served as a starting point for creating this program are:

  •  Inadequate documentation that was kept about the user
  •  Lack of plan and program for preparation of people with mental disability for independent living at the least restrictive environment
  •  Lack of ways for adequate archiving of collected data

The contents of “Life Skill’s School” program:

  •  Daily workshops of life skills,
  •  Seven-day life skill’s school,
  •  Education of experts, assistants, volunteers, fosters and parents
  •  Collection of the data and creation of the record for people with mental disability,
  •  Creation of didactical material,
  •  Entering the data into a computer program called ISEEDORA

The “Life Skill’s School” program was created in 2007 from the current unified practice of Child’s heart’s other programs (“School of Life”, “Daily activities”, Daily care center…), and from significant experiences of the experts from the institutions “Gvozden Jovancicevic”-Veliki Popovac, “Srce u Jabuci”-Jabuka, “Dr Nikola Sumenkovic”-Stamnica.




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