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Social Inclusion Program



(Involvement in social, cultural, entertainment activities)

The goal of the Social Inclusion Program is to prepare and help people with disabilities from home or institutional asylums to get involved in social and cultural activities within the community they live in. Through professional work, entertainment, social and cultural activities, people with disabilities have the opportunity to see different way of life and to spend time with experts like with friends. Through these activities they get closer and have more open relationship and don’t look to the experts as the persons with formal authority. The environment where people with disabilities live gets to know them through these activities, in positive way, and we can practically observe their possibilities, and that is to be the key in our future work.

Target group of the program are people with mental disability from biological, foster families, institutions, children and people from non-stimulating environment.

The content of the Social Inclusion Program:

  •  Introduction and initial assessment of a child/person;
  •  Involvement into social and cultural activities;
  •  Meetings / Counseling of parents/fosters;
  •  Reports about the changes every six months.

These activities include:

  •  Active or passive involvement in the theatre;
  •  Watching the movies at the cinemas;
  •  Visiting the cafes, concerts, museums and other places that visit their peers without disabilities;
  •  Visiting and active involvement into sports events;
  •  Day trips to the towns, parks nearby;
  •  New Year’s celebrations and many other activities.

So far, we have had 653 activities within the Social Inclusion Program.




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