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Education of volunteers

Development of volunteer service


We have been developing the volunteering since our existence, for eleven years. So far, we have educated (theoretically and practically) more than 500 volunteers of different knowledge and education, but everyone with the same wish to help children and people with disabilities. Volunteers stay in our organization at least for six months, and many of them follows the work of the organization for years. The volunteers’ education is conducted every 6 months.

Theoretical education includes:

  •  Presentation of work of the organization and functioning of NGO;
  •  Creation of a team and team functioning;
  •  Lecturing about people with disabilities;
  •  Communication with people with disabilities;
  •  Working methods with people with disabilities.


Practical training (mentoring):

  •  Work with children with disabilities;
  •  Functional assessment of children and persons with disabilities;
  •  Work with adults with disabilities;
  •  Seven-day activities with people with disabilities out of their habitual residence;
  •  Keeping the records and monitoring of the achievements of people with disabilities.

The volunteers were mostly students of Faculty for Special Education and Rehabilitation, students of Psychology, Pedagogy and Social Work. We have educated volunteers who participated in preparation of children to get out of the institution, worked with children in the family, worked with children and people with disabilities out of children's habitual residence.





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