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Education of parents

Parent empowerment and support


During all the years of the existence of “Child’s heart” the importance has been given to the cooperation with parents. The goal of the empowerment and support for the parents is to motivate the parents to become our partners in the process of independence of their children.

So far, we have organized different programs for empowerment of this target group. In addition to providing regular advice, we have worked to strengthen parents’ associations through organization of educations.

One of the program of this kind is a “Parent’s club”, launched in a cooperation with the Serbian Youth from Sweden and Democracy Commission of the Embassy of the United States of America in Belgrade. We have also been working on the empowerment of parents and creation of critical mass, which as such can make some changes in the system of care and treatment of persons with mental disability. 200 parents from 18 towns in Serbia were educated on the seminars within that project.

In order to complete the desired results in work with children and young with mental disability we have imposed the new role for the parents in “Life Skill’s School” program and that is to be the assistants in work with their children. Extensive experience in working directly with the participants of our program has shown us that it is very important that parents are using the same methods as we, also to use the practical knowledge in their environment.

This role helps the parents to get to see the capabilities and reactions of their children that they haven’t noticed until then. Understanding of their real abilities and capabilities helps them to find the best solution for their child. In this process, parents have clear tasks, clear method of monitoring and active involvement within conducting the life skills of their child. Different approach of parent to the child, based on trust and support with less protection, strengthen their relationship. During this process parents start to see themselves and their children differently within the process of substantial living. Within the education of parents to become assistants to their children we organize meetings and seminars. The aim of the meetings is to prepare parents for program activities and to clarify their doubts in the way of approach to their children, while the aim of the seminars is to prepare parents for the role of the assistant in the process of adoption the life’s skills.



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