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Cooperation with local sector



The aim of the program is to start the intensive partner cooperation with local sector (the companies) in order to raise the awareness that we should all help and support the members of the society that have a problem which cannot solve by themselves. 

We have large number of partners, who support us from the day we were founded, and without whose help the work of the organization would be limited. There are also a large number of new companies that are joining us, recognizing the significance of the idea, and in these times of the economic crisis they see the necessity of supporting us.


The cooperation with local sector is based on providing the information about the actual issues and activities that we conduct to the firm representatives, appealing to mutual cooperation. Our great success and importance is that every day more than 150 companies in whole Serbia receive the information about this population, problems that follow them and actual activities that are conducted with the aim to get the quality of their lives better.

Thanks to the support of many donors, humanitarian organization “Child’s heart” for eleven years successfully conducts the programs which for its aim have the better quality of lives of children and young with mental disability.

We think that our people are one of the most human in Europe, and in the world. This conclusion is based on the years of experience and getting in touch with more than 20.000 firms, and we know that the state does not provide almost any benefits to the firms that are included in humanitarian actions, that our society is pretty poor and that there are many people asking for help within different actions.



You can contact us on one of following ways:

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