Welcome back, neighbour

After one year of hard work, educations, sensitization of local communities we are proud to inform you that we have reached our ultimate goal and that now our/yours municipalities are richer for one old but still new member.

As we all know it very well, the project included deinstitutionalization of persons with intellectual and/ or mental disability placed in 9 institutions for residential placement throughout Serbia, i.e. their return to local community where they were born in. In this way, after many years of residence in institution, our fellow citizens have finally moved to the territory of their homes, in family-like environment and warmth foster home.  Sure, it was preceded by carefully planned one-year preparation, involving active cooperation with both employees in the institutions and foster parents, experts from Centers for Social Work, as well as experts from “Child’s heart”. Residential institutions Tešica, Kulina, Sremčica, Pčelica, Veliki Popovac, Knjaževac and  Geronthological Center Jelenac  represent now examples of good practice for implementation and preparation of beneficiaries for deinstitutionalization and their return to municipality they were born in, in this case- Aleksinac Municipality, from which territory are these beneficiaries who are actually  former beneficiaries of services in above listed  institutions.
Although, transfer of beneficiaries from the institution is only a first step and jump from previous firmly established frames, so it involves more effort and work based on the foundations of entire local community, mutual acceptance and tolerance. To open new social services and get persons with disabilities to take active participation in local community without prejudices, as equal and active members who contribute community's development, socialize with and love each other represent next big step, which we have to take together, breaking down all existing barriers.
Sensitization of entire society and the place in it for all our (non) differences represent next task and big goal for all of us.



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