A step closer

The 2nd practical education on Zlatibor

Dear friends, we are pleased that we can inform you that within the project "Our town is our home" the second practical education on  Zlatibor was held , as a continuation of already implemented and  continuous activities for deinstitutionalization and the return of persons with metal and / or intellectual disabilities in the local community.

After the theoretical training of foster families where they developed competencies and knowledge related to specific way of functioning of people with mental and / or intellectual disabilities, and after one week-long practical education, 15 most functional beneficiaries and 15 foster families were selected by clearly established criteria. The  program of “Life Skills School", a family like atmosphere and environment,  made it possible for  participants to feel as independently as possible with the possibility of perceiving the personal responsibility that life outside institutions  can bring in the warmth of the family home. Beneficiaries and foster parents were partners in the implementation of practical educational activities, where they very soon synchronized as a well-coordinated team, which was great pleasure for us. Activities of practical education on Zlatibor were carried out in accordance with the rhythm of the day that all accepted, and special attention was paid to respecting the individuality of each person, as well as respecting rights and dignity and the possibility to choose.
The practical training has fully achieved its goal, information obtained from beneficiaries, foster parents and experts from institutions during the return journey tell us about that. Foster parents have continued to communicate by telephone with the beneficiaries, thus making one step closer to implementing and providing opportunities for people with disabilities to make progress and develop in the encouraging environment, inspiring for the emotional recovery and social empowerment.



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