The seven-day practical training

The seven-day practical training

Within the project "Our town is our home" a seven-day practical training - "School of life skills" was realized in Zlatibor in February.
The users who participated in a practical education came to Zlatibor from different institutions: Home for adults Kulina, GC "Jelenac" with RJ Tesica, Institute "Male Pcelice", the Institution for children and youth Sremcica, GC "Knjazevac" and from the institution "Gvozden Jovancicevic" from Veliki Popovac. The reason for this wonderful gathering was its most important and the ultimate goal to prepare users for entering foster families.

Beside users, the camp also gathered educators from the above mentioned institutions, which listened carefully and considered together with experts of Child's heart the wishes and needs of beneficiaries for life outside the institution. Seven-day stay in Zlatibor was designed and implemented through a variety of activities and workshops "life skills". Bearing in mind that the users come from different institutions, that the group was heterogeneous, that they did not know each other, very soon there was a mutual bonding and establishing appropriate contact. Also, users became close with teachers from other institutions, as well as other professional workers, the camp participants. After a few days of stay and perpetuation of the day rhythm, the group functioned as one big family. Users were exchanging addresses, phone numbers, taking photos, dancing and spent unforgetable time together. According to the words of some users, staying on Zlatibor was an unforgettable experience and the best thing that ever happened in their lives.
We are pleased to inform you that the camp was held in the best possible order. The users fulfilled all the tasks with great pleasure and delight and accept the new situation and they were looking forward to the next companionship that will represent a step towards their deinstitutionalization.



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