Mapping in Institutions

In the period from November to December 2014, and in the framework of the project "Our city is our home" mapping of 87 social care users was done by the Centre for Social Work Aleksinac municipality. Needs, potentials and functionality of people with intellectual and mental disabilities placed in 9 residential institutions were mapped, in Tutin, Kragujevac, Veliki Popovac, Sremcica, Izvor-Paracin, Trbunje-Blace, Knjazevac, Kulina and Tesica. Providing accommodation in institutions across Serbia was inevitability of particular moment, due to the lack of community services and the necessary support, which would enable staying to stay to some of them.

The estimation was done by the educated professionals, the employees of the institutions, while the three experts monitored the work of professionals, because of the importance that estimation has for users in the field of decision-making about the possibilities for leaving the institution and finding more quality, more meaningful and humane living conditions.
Estimation of users by mapping is directly related to decision-making for structuring existing and establishing of new services in the local community, which are necessary for users, people with disabilities in the intellectual and mental functioning.
Also, 30 people were selected to go to the 7-day camp "School of life skills". Through the process of becoming independent, passing through practical training in the "School of life skills", it is planned that 15 people with mental and intellectual disabilities reach such a level of functionality that can leave the institution as restrictive environment and to be cared for in foster care as a transitional form of support until the final independence.
It is important to emphasize that during the mapping good cooperation of experts from the Centre for Social Work of Aleksinac municipality and the Children's Heart with staff in institutions was established.
By this, the goal in which 15 people with mental and intellectual disabilities leave the residential facilities and be taken care of in less restrictive conditions, will be realized.



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