Workshop "Our town is an open home"

Workshop "Our town is an open home"

Workshop "Our town is an open home"as a planned activity within the project "Our town is our home" was held in October 2014. This workshop was held in the premises of the broadcasting company within which the local television ALT and radio station operate. Workshop participants were eleven employees of the local media house (journalists, camera operators, technicians) and fifteen people with intellectual or mental disabilities.

The workshop was organized in interaction of local television and radio ALT employees and people with disabilities, as a shared activity in a friendly and positive atmosphere. It was explained what is the work in the media company like, and the importance of the work performed. The visitors were allowed to sit in the seats of employees, and with the explanations and help of the employees follow development on the monitors, control tone, photo, play videos or music. This made them very happy. Entering the TV studio left a special impression on visitors, where they had the opportunity to listen to journalists explain how shows were recorded. They also had the opportunity to get a microphone and sing, as well as to watch themself on screen while singing. They sang their favorite songs as if they were on television, stiring great excitement and desire of all to be involved. Then the journalists took their guests to show them the studio where they record radio shows and the participants  had the opportunity to choose the music they like to be broadcasted.

P.A.(16): “It was great! I would love to work here very much! We sang, we were filmed, we were able to film, and we were in the studio that we see every day on television!”

This kind of participation that was offered to people with intellectual and mental disabilities caused them great pleasure, while the employees repeatedly expressed their satisfaction with the provided opportunity to host them and draw closer the work of media to them.



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