Workshop "Our town is a safe home"

Workshop "Our town is a safe home"

Workshop "Our town is a safe home" as a planned activity within the project "Our town is our home" was held on 11th  November 2014. This workshop was held in the premises of the Traffic Police.
The participants were the traffic police officers and fifteen people with severe and profound disabilities in intellectual functioning and mental disabilities aged 18 to 21.

The workshop was organized as a shared activity of the employees and people who came to visit, in a specific way, as an activity in the field, in the city, where the traffic police officers carry out their duties. After the introduction in the premises of the Traffic Police, there was evident interest on both sides. One of the officers explained to visitors what tasks are carried out by the Traffic Police and the importance of that work for all citizens including them. The uniforms and labels of the traffic police officers were described and compared to other police uniforms. The equipment was desribed, too. The visitors had the opportunity to see the vehicles used in the work. The rotating lights were turned on and it was explained what they are used for. After that the traffic officers and their visitors went for a walk. They talked about the proper ways of walking down the streets, about the significance of traffic lights and the right ways to cross a street. The workshop was organized in close communication with the people with disabilities and they were very interested in the activities carried out to teach them about safety in traffic.

N.A.(15): “I've always dreamed to be a policeman and to turn on the rotating lights and today I had my chance! But, I've also learned what the green vests mean to the cops!”

B.M.(39): “I'm glad that I've just had the opportunity to walk around town in company of people with disabilities and talk to them about some of the most important things concerning the safety and behavior in traffic. I think that they were really interested in our tasks, especially because they were able to use some of our mandatory equipment.”

The objective set by the workshop, one of seven in the project activities, to provide to any person the adequate support in all aspects of community life such as being a participant in traffic, in accordance with his individual needs, is fully realized. It can be said that the implementation of the workshop, through direct interaction of employees of the Traffic Police service and people with intellectual and mental disabilities caused increased sensitivity to the problems faced by the people due to the difficulties they have, but it also gave the possibilities for providing necessary assistance and support.



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