Workshop "Our town is a healthy home"

Workshop "Our town is a healthy home"

The interactive workshop that promotes social inclusion within the project activities aimed to sensitize the local community was implemented in the Health center. The workshop "Our town is a healthy home" was held on 18 November 2014. Fifteen people with intellectual or mental disabilities, age 18 to 21, and the employees in the Health center took part.

The workshop was organized as a joint activity of medical workers in the Health center and people with intellectual  or mental disabilities who came to visit. After the introduction, the users were acquainted with the work of emergency medical service, then the dental service, and the prosthetic service. After that, the people with intellectual and mental disabilities visited other services in the Health center, departments  for children, youth and women and the counseling center.

S.A.(14): “Dentists have never been interesting to me, but today when they explained how everything works and some of my friends agreed to examine their teeth immediately, I decided to sit in that chair,too. I even made an appointment for a tooth repair!”

There was no fear of "white coats".It was one of the goals of the workshop. The users should accept going to a doctor and examination without fear as common activities. The patients, citizens, who were in waiting rooms became spontaneous workshop participants, explaining and demonstrating to people with disabilities the method of submitting the health booklets and waiting for the call to enter the clinic. They sat together, waiting patiently for the call to enter the clinic.

The workshop, meant learning about the functioning of people with intellectual and mental disabilities, through direct interaction with medical professionals, with the aim to provide people with disabilities the needed help and support in all aspects of community life, and therefore their needs for health care, too. The goal was fully realized and it represents a way to a better social accessibility for all citizens.



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