Workshop "Our town is a peaceful home"

Workshop "Our town is a peaceful home"

Workshop "Our Town is a peaceful home" as a planned activity within the project "Our town is our home" was held on 25 November 2014. This workshop was held at the Police Station in Aleksinac. The workshop was attended by 15 people with severe intellectual and mental disabilities and 15 employees in the Police Station: policemen, inspectors of criminal police, employed in the issuance of identity documents. The workshop was conducted by officers who had been trained in the previously held educational workshop "Open for our citizens," for representatives of public services in the municipality of Aleksinac.

From entering the Police Station people with disabilities were met with a warm and embracing attitude of employees. Implementation of the workshop began on the entry where people with intellectual and mental disabilities introduced to the way of calling the police by phone, in case of need, or apply in person. The workshop was further realized by passing through services operating within the police: primarily services for issuing identity documents and other documents, and then they were informed about the work of the Department of Criminology.

Z.R(34): «I think that this meeting will lead to positive changes in our employees and in people with intellectual and mental disabilities. We do not have enough information and knowledge about the the way of communication with people with disabilities, their functioning, nor how to behave in certain situations.”

A.M. (14): «It was very fun! The thought of the police workers is not scary any more and they wery very entertaining and always smiling. During the visit, we even took their hats and communicated via motorola! "

The overall impression of the implementation of a one-day interactive workshop with the police as a public service, is that it has increased their sensitivity to the problems and needs of persons with disabilities. The importance of the process of preparing the local community for the return of persons with disabilities from institutions is recognized. This increases willingness to actively participate and contribute to the creation of communities ready to provide assistance and support to all citizens.



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