Workshop "Our city is an active home"

Workshop "Our city is an active home"

In accordance with the planned activities of the project "Our city is our home" the workshop "Our city is an active home" was held on 12th December 2014. This workshop was held at the National Employment Service. The participants were employees and fifteen people with intellectual and mental disabilities. The active participation of an employe previously sensitized on a public services’ workshop called “Open for our citizens” had great importance.

The workshop was organized as an activity of employees and people with intellectual and mental disabilities who came to visit. Upon arrival to the premises and mutual introduction, visitors were acquainted with the work of the Employment Service.

After the briefing, the director informed the visitors about the work and function of the Service. Then, the consultants of people with mental and intellectual disabilities, explained the opportunities for employment under special conditions, with opportunities for further education of people with disabilities, and that training courses are organized in the framework of the service, as well as how to receive monetary compensation for those who are entitled to it.

Employees in the Employment Service were good hosts and organized a little gathering with refreshments for their visitors in the common room. The spontaneity during the implementation of the workshop was on a high level. All the participants were active.

M.Lj. (48), an employee of the National Employment Service pointed out: ” This short companionship was of major significance for me and my future work with direct users with intellectual and mental disabilities. In addition, I think that such visits should be organized in all public institutions because it is through direct contact with users we acquire more adequate picture and stimulate empathy that leads to a successful future cooperation.”

The aim of the workshop - complete acceptance of people with disabilities by providing necessary assistance and support. Enabling better social accessibility in all aspects of community life has been achieved and that is a step towards better way of life for these people as equal citizens.




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