Workshop "Our town, clean home"

Workshop “Our town, clean home”

Within the project “Our town is our home” workshop “Our town, clean home” was held on October, the 20th 2014. The workshop was held at the Public Utility Company “Utility Services” Aleksinac. Participants at the workshop were employees at the Public Utility Company who maintain the cleanliness of the town, staff who work at payment windows and persons with mental and intellectual disability. The aim of this workshop was to sensitize employees at the Public Utility Company to have more adequate relationship towards persons with mental and intellectual disability through meeting them and spending time with them, exploring the possibilities of establishing contact, opportunities for communication, providing necessary assistance and support.

The particular interest was caused by specific street sweeper which was presented to persons with mental and intellectual disability. The vehicle has caused great interest due to rotating cleaning brushes. Our friends with disabilities were laughing, driving it and turning on brushes. Everyone wanted to take a photo to save those moments as a memory of an enjoyable time. After spending time with the employees who directly work on maintaining cleanliness of the town, the workshop was continued at the place where payment of utility services is done. At the payment windows, payment referent explained how his working place looks like. It was particularly interesting that there were citizens who came to pay utility services’ bills during the workshop, so they became direct participants of the workshop, and they greeted them and waited together in the line for payment. By their spontaneous participation, they showed persons with disabilities how to give bill and money to the referent and how to receive the change. After the workshop, citizens who were there expressed their satisfaction that they were able to provide necessary assistance to persons with disabilities.

This kind of relation, different from the previous, between the wider social community and persons with intellectual and mental disability, represents the model of social inclusion which removes barriers and allows social accessibility.



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