News The fourteenth summer at the seaside with our friends

The fourteenth summer at the seaside with our friends

We are pleased to share with you the news that we have organized and implemented the 65th “School of Life” in the period from August, the 5th to the 15th 2015 in Čanj in Montenegro. This year 35 persons with mental disabilities, from Belgrade and Pančevo, had the opportunity to socialize and be cared for by 10 educators.

From the very beginning of the summer holiday, it was fun and carefree with our friends from “Serbian Railways” and “Railway Transport of Montenegro” who provided us, this year also, with pleasant and safe drive. In Čanj, for the second time, we were welcomed by friendly hosts who made an effort to make us feel comfortable all the time. The well-planned and in advance organized rhythm of group functioning, nice weather and favourable conditions of accommodation, friendly hosts and close proximity to the beach, have enabled us to spend quality time at the sea and to have good fun. We have started the day with morning hygiene, cleaning of rooms, breakfast and after that we had three-hour fun on the beach. Exercises for strengthening muscles, swimming and exercises in water were useful for strengthening musculature, correction of existing deformity of spine, losing some weight. After that we had lunch and well deserved rest. About 5 o’clock, with snacks and sweets, we continued with games and socializing on the beach. Special joy was caused by evening parties for which we all had energy regardless of the daily activities. The event from this summer holiday we especially want to point out was the boat ride and stay on “Queen’s Beach” which caused great interest of the group and put smile on everybody’s face.

Photos will show, better than words, how nice this summer holiday was. On this occasion, we would like to thank all donors who helped implementation of the 65th “School of Life”.



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