News “It is time for my leisure time- March and April 2015”

“It is time for my leisure time- March and April 2015”

The past two months we had the opportunity to enjoy along with two new films "Gorčilo" and "Bićemo prvaci sveta". Our participants were especially glad because of it since we do not have so often opportunity to watch national movies on the big screen. A lot of humor and story about sporting spirit in particular held the attention of our friends. We visited Akademija 28 and watch the show "Luda žurka", as well as Dom Sindikata where we watched the theater play “Zlatni lančić od bižuterije”, which both was full of good skits and songs, so everyone was laughing. The play for the youngest "Krcko Orščić" we watched at the Theater 78. During March, Museum of Science and Technology opened its door for us. There our participants had the opportunity to see how old musical apparatus and the instruments, cameras, electrical household appliances, medical practice looked like and how people arranged the space in which they lived. With stimulating questions of educators, participants talked about what of appliances and accessories they use in their homes nowadays. Within this museum, there is an exhibition of old toys that brought us back to childhood and recalled our memories reminding us how we, and also our ancestors, played.
What was a real spectacle in April was a music and dance program of ensemble "Russian Cossacks" who has charmed us with their skills in dancing, singing and lavish folk costumes. The performances took turns so it was very dynamic and each dance was more complicated and for our friends more interesting. We continued with once-a- week sport activity in the indoor football field because good form of our participants is always necessary. In the bowling alley "Žabac" we were competing again, exercising muscles in the arms and legs and had a good time.
We are grateful to our friends without who the implementation of these activities would not be possible: Indoor artificial grass filed “Zlatna lopta”, cinema "Cineplexx" Sava Center, the administration of the Museum of Science and Technology, Dom Sindikata, the Organization "Serbian-Russian alliance," bowling alley “Žabac” and theater Teatar 78 and Akademija 28.



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