News It is time for my leisure time- November and December 2014

It is time for my leisure time- November and December 2014

It is time for my leisure time- November and December 2014


In November and December we tried to become stronger and fit and to collect positive energy by running, exercising, playing football and other games, all this at our sport activity which we organize once a week in indoor artificial grass football field “Zlatna lopta”. Our friends love theatre so we visited Teatar 78 again, laughed and enjoyed show “Škola za male detektive”. However our friends like concerts above all, so in November we were at Zorica Brunclik’s concert at Kombank Arena. After that we were at Sava Centar where we attended spectacular concert of trumpet player Dejan Petrović and Big Band. At the end of the month we were again there at Sergej Ćetkovic concert.

At the beginning of December we were in the Museum of National Bank of Serbia where the manifestation Festival of Science was organized.  We have recycled cans, listened sounds of various birds, solved puzzles, seen how the plants grown in greenhouse and in this way learned that science is integrated part of everyday life, it can be found not only in the laboratory but in places such parks, squares and streets. In the middle of the month, we danced and sang at the concert of Zdravko Čolić, one of favorite singers of our friends. With animated movie”Penguins of Madagascar” which we watched at Delta City, we laughed, traveled around the world and learned that good always wins. To complete this year’s socializing we organized Pre-New Years Eve Party. We had Christmas tree, balloons, music and of course Santa Clause who gave gifts to all our friends. So we spent great time together  and got prepared for New Year’s holidays.
We are eagerly looking forward to the new year and can not wait adventures that await us in 2015.




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