News It's time for my leisure time, June & July 2014.

It's time for my leisure time, June & July 2014.

In June and July we continued socializing with our participants and taking part in activities in our town within the program social inclusion. In June we visited Museum of Science, Museum of GSP (Public Transportation Company in Belgrade) and Children’s Museum within manifestation “Museum Night”. We were watching old house appliances, technic al devices, music instruments and scientific experiments. Our participants had also the opportunity to come in into old busses, trams and trolleys and they enjoyed very much the story about first public transportation told by museum’s curator. We have started July in same spirit, by driving and sightseeing of the town from open buss, where we enjoyed our town in a different and new manner.

As great fans of music, we enjoyed pop songs of our popular singers, as well as wonderful military orchestra “Stanislav Binički”, within the manifestation “Spring in Belgrade” (Proleće u Beogradu). We were also twice at “Jun Fest“at Ušće and enjoyed real festival atmosphere and songs of Dženan Lončarević and Amadeus bend.

We were also watching cartoon movie “How to train your dragon 2”, 3D version, which was a new experience for the most of our participants. At the workshop “Summer Magic” they were learning what summer brings, how to spend summer days and how to prepare themselves for sea trip. Also, each participant had the task to express their creativity by creating summer card for persons they love.

As fans of sport, our participants had the opportunity to watch live farewell match of famous basketball player Dušan Kecman and enjoy the real cheering atmosphere at “Pionir” Sport Hall. We also visited “Pionir” Sport Hall in July at volleyball match between Serbia and USA. Last 2 weekends in July we were at “Olimp” swimming pool, where we were swimming, sunbathing and preparing for sea.

We want to share with you small part of our companionship and pleasure on the photos attached. This would not be possible without unselfish support of our donors: organisers of manifestations “Museum Night”, “Spring in Belgrade” and “Jun Fest”, Melos Estrada, Cineplex movie, Dna communication, “Olimp” swimming pool and Lasta. 



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