News Summer happiness with our friends

Summer happiness with our friends

This summer, as in previous years, we were at the seaside together with our friends, participants of the 62nd “Life Skill’s School” organized in Čanj, Montenegro, from August the 5th to August the 15th 2014. The programme  “Life Skill’s School” according to its concept and activities provides summer holiday to persons and children with disabilities adapted to their abilities. Besides staying at the sea which is important for participants’ health condition, this kind of separation from families makes them more independent and more adept at care about themselves and their things, enhances their social contacts through everyday socializing with peers.

Planned and organized activities, nice weather, good accommodation conditions and friendly hosts made possible that young people with mental disability together with their teachers spend quality time at the sea and have fun. We have started the day with breakfast and then we were going to the beach so we could enjoy morning freshness and smell of the sea. At the afternoon we had lunch and rest and about 4 o’ clock we were going again to the beach to continue with enjoyment and socializing. Swimming, exercises in water and ball games were useful for strengthening muscles and thereby they had positive effect on correction of existing deformity of spine, foot and body posture. After dinner we had parties and walks. This caused special joy for all and everyone had energy for it regardless of daily activities. As every year, boat trip was organized, so we have visited nearby beaches and enjoyed their beauties. Ten days had passed in the blink of an eye and we are eagerly awaiting new opportunities for socializing. Photos can show just a small part of positive atmosphere we had at the 62nd “Life Skills School” and they will put a smile on our faces until new summer holiday next year.



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