News Three focus groups were held in Srbobran, Kula and Feketić

Three focus groups were held in Srbobran, Kula and Feketić

The implementation of the project “Enhancing and structuring support services for Persons with disabilities for independent living in undeveloped municipalities” is ongoing and it includes prevention of institutionalization of vulnerable groups of people with disabilities through strengthening social services’ structure and everything is aimed to preserve family as a basis of social structure.
It is planned to implement activities at the territory of three municipalities in Serbia, in Kula, Srbobran and Mali Iđoš, during the period of 6 months. Three focus groups were held in Srbobran, Kula and Feketić. The focus group was chosen to be the method because it can provide that all actors gather around the same theme in an unobtrusive, comprehensive and respecting manner and that they all together contribute to connecting practical and theoretical experience. The ultimate goal of these groups is to network actors, exchange knowledge and experience on common theme, clarify all doubts encountered during previous working experience and to state clearly future steps of each actor. Each focus group has gathered representatives of CSO who provide services to people with disabilities, representatives of local authorities and Centers for Social Work. Small and poor municipalities in the range of 50 km which provide the same social service (Day Care Center) are structured in different ways and they have different kind of cooperation with representatives of local authorities. Activities of these focus groups will enable to all actors to consider their capacities, the importance of connecting all actors at the local level as well as the activities which are necessary to be implemented in the future period in order to institutionalize services at local level.



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