The Opening Conference of the project “Knowing better, doing better"

The Opening Conference of the project “Knowing better, doing better"

In the municipality of Rakovica, on June, the 16th 2016, the Opening Conference for the project “Knowing better, doing better”- support to educational inclusion of young Roma was held. The project is funded by the European Union, the Delegation of European Union in Serbia, within the programme “Support to the social inclusion of the most vulnerable groups, including Roma, through more diversified community-based social services”. The conference was opened by State Secretary of the Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Policy, Nenad Ivanišević, who is also the president of the Council for improving the position of Roma, underlining the significance and importance of the adoption of the national strategic framework for improving the situation of the Roma community, particularly through economic and social inclusion. Guests were addressed by the member of the Municipal Council of Rakovica, Novica Barjaktarović , underlining the efforts made by the Municipality in the integration of Roma population in the community. Milorad Janković, the Deputy President of the Municipal Assembly of Obrenovac, said that in his municipality live a large number of Roma people, which representative he is, and that he has a desire to encourage his fellow citizens to actively participate in the implementation of project activities and take advantage of the opportunities that this project offers. Milovan Marković, director of "Secondary vocational schools" and Goran Rojević , president of Humanitarian organization "Child's Heart" talked about the implementation of specific project activities and the opportunities available to young Roma. Mrs. Ivana Rojević in front of the Humanitarian organization "Child's heart" once again reminded of the importance of education and the process of involvement of the young Roma in the educational system, and therefore the community, which will ease the way towards employment and reducing the rate of unemployment. The Opening conference "Knowing better, doing better" was completed with the projecting a short film promoting the educational profiles of Secondary vocational school. In order to once again remind us that the overall objective of the project is social and educational inclusion of young Roma for better access to the labour market and employment opportunities.

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