Knowing better, doing better

Dear all,
It is our pleasure to inform you that the project "Knowing better, doing better!" - support to the educational inclusion of young Roma, started with the implementation on December, the 22nd 2015 and will last for the next 20 months. The project is funded by the European Union, the Delegation of the European Union to Serbia within the programme "Support to the social inclusion of the most vulnerable groups, including Roma, through more diversified community-based social services”. The project holder is humanitarian organization "Child's heart", and partner in the project is Secondary Vocational School “Petar Leković”, which will jointly participate in the planning and the implementation of project activities.
The overall objective of the project is to support the social and educational inclusion of young Roma for better access to the labour market and employment opportunities, while specific goals are reflected in the following:
• Increasing and stabilizing the presence of young Roma in the education system through the implementation of craft education programme
• Providing support to educational institutions for better integration of young Roma in the education system
The main activities of the project "Knowing better, doing better " are reflected in the following:
• Mapping young Roma (18-30 years old), which are not included in the education system
• Motivating and training young Roma parents on how to engage their children in the education system as well as their support in this process
• Training and sensitizing teachers on the issue of discrimination against Roma and the inclusion in the education system
• Creating and implementing the craft programmes (hairdresser, car tinsmith, car painter, baker, florist) for young Roma
• Developing and integrating the programme "Life skills' School" to craft programmes in order to improve social skills of young Roma
• Developing and adapting teaching materials (in Serbian and Roma language) within craft programmes for young Roma
• Employment of at least 5 Roma in private companies



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