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Rock band “Zvuci srca” (“The Heart sounds”)

Formation of the band “Zvuci srca” is a unique project in the territory of our country, region and beyond. It gathers young persons with mental disability, who started the preparation for starting a new “brand” with great enthusiasm. The existence of the band, on the one hand, enables the development of potential of the group members, as the promoting the work which leads to their more qualitative life, and on the other hand, it leads to break down the prejudices about the capabilities of this population and their involvement into the social community.

The aim is a social integration of persons with mental disability through development of the process for their self-advocacy.

Our wish is to present people with mental disability in the most positive way in the process of social inclusion, and that their talents represent themselves, instead of us representing them.

The band consist of seven members, of which three member are from Institution for adults “Srce u Jabuci”, and other members are boys and girls who are long-time participants of our program activities, and who showed the special talent for developing music skills.

Bend3The band “Zvuci srca” was formed in partnership of the organizations “Skylight”, Institution for Adults “Srce u jabuci” and “Child’s heart”. Every organization within its possibilities and domain of work supports the work of the band. 

They have performed in schools (“Petar Lekovic”, “Anton Skala”…), on inclusive festivals (Novi Sad, Kragujevac…), in different municipalities (Vozdovac, Vracar…), Belgrade clubs (SKC, Kult Teatar…), in Sava Centar (Center celebration of Day of Disabled Persons), on TV stations (RTS, Pancevo…), Day of Europe, on Days of Special Education, etc.

The film “Orkestar” is shot on them, and in the show “Teleton”, they competed to raise as much funds as possible and improve the quality of life for their peers with disabilities. 

Many famous musicians and bands played with them, such as “Bajaga I instruktori”, “Deca losih muzicara”, Jelena Tomasevic, Dejan Cukic, “Zemlja gruva”, “Adrenalin”, “Neverne bebe”, “Blaza I kljunovi”, “Bajka”, and the members of group “Orthodox Celts” have also helped them. 

You can see their performance below:

Concert with Bajaga in Sava Center



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