My Book

My Book has for its aim to represent in a positive and assertive way a child or a person with mental disability, who cannot do it for themselves, because of their disability. In this book, about the individual is written in first-person and that enables us to get closer to a child/person just by reading the text. In that way the person that reads the book has the impression that the child/person is addressing directly to him and speaks for itself.

The book consists of data about the child/person’s background, way of his functioning, his traits, strengths and weaknesses, describes the way of child/person’s managing the different life situations, the way of his contacting with people around him, his emotional expressions, etc. Also, with the description of the personality of a child/person that is presented, the daily rhythm, individual plan and photos of daily activities can also be seen. Daily rhythm shows the activities in which child/person participate, their schedule, and the level of the assistance that every child/person needs. The Individual Plan represents the activities that are to be conducted with the child/person. It has its aim, which child/person needs to achieve by joint action with the expert that works with him. My Book has a possibility of adding the pages, thus leaving the space for additional information, drawings and photos of a child/person, and in that way it shows the different events in his life.

My Book is a necessity in life of child/person with disabilities, because it enables an adequate, synchronized and equal approach which leads to positive changes in his/her development.




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