Data base

ISEEDORA – Informacioni Sistem Elektronske Evidencije Dece Ometene u Razvoju
(Information System of Electronic Records of Children with Disabilities)

Adequate preparation for living in small communities involves collecting and processing of data on program activities participants. During the work we have noticed that participants involved in this program have very extensive documentation for following the achievements of users of their services. Since the existing documentation is quite extensive and not very transparent, it takes time and effort to find the necessary documents. This program allows:

  • Keeping records of the users;
  • Easy and fast search of user’s traits according to the predetermined criteria and marks for that criteria;
  • Simple, fast and efficient presentation of data and their printing;
  • Sorting, searching and updating of data;
  • Simple, logical and permanent combining of all categories of traits.

Existence of such a constructed computer program improves the life of people with mental disability, also children without parental care, because experts can find all the data about any participant in any time. Computer program is followed by the documentation kept on every user, from which the data base is being created.
If there would exist the data base that would consist information about the users from all institutions that passed the preparation for substantial living and their possibilities, with few mouse clicks we could get the information about the abilities of people with disabilities and children without parental care of all territory of Serbia.

Two programs have been created:

1. For children and persons with mental disability
2. For children without parental care that are at the institutions or foster families. Computer programs will become the basic mean for more organized and serious approach to transformation of institutions and deinstitutionalization process.





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