Didactical material

Didakticki materijal 2

 Didactical material is a set of practical and obvious aids that help the adoption of necessary knowledge and master of complex life skills. 

The material is being used until it is seen that the skill has been mastered. Didactical aids are being adjusted according to real needs and possibilities of the person that is using them. That is why it is necessary that experts and assistants are educated for using and creation of didactical material.

The aim of creating and using the didactical material is to enable people with disabilities to, in an easy and interesting way, master the daily life skills. By using the material that is designed in this way, they gain confidence, the sense of responsibility and the feeling of importance in the collective.



Assessment Scale

“Assessment Scale for the General Success of Beneficiary”

The assessment instrument has an aim of collecting the valid data about people with disabilities who are in the social care system, live in their biological families, or are the participants of different programs (School of Life, Life Skill’s School).

The Scale is divided into three fields: SELF-INDEPENDENCE, ADAPTIBILITY, and GROUP DYNAMICS. By assessing the users in the mentioned fields, we assess their way of functioning, also the level of their ability for living in the least restrictive environment.


Data base

ISEEDORA – Informacioni Sistem Elektronske Evidencije Dece Ometene u Razvoju
(Information System of Electronic Records of Children with Disabilities)

Adequate preparation for living in small communities involves collecting and processing of data on program activities participants. During the work we have noticed that participants involved in this program have very extensive documentation for following the achievements of users of their services. Since the existing documentation is quite extensive and not very transparent, it takes time and effort to find the necessary documents. This program allows:


My Diary

My Diary is a book developed in order to follow, in a unique, comprehensive and useful way, the achievements of children and persons with disabilities housed in the institutions of social care.
This book includes four different documents, whose regular and detailed filling can give us an insight to daily functioning of group and individuals, their possibilities, participation in daily activities, also the progression of group or individuals.


My Book

My Book has for its aim to represent in a positive and assertive way a child or a person with mental disability, who cannot do it for themselves, because of their disability. In this book, about the individual is written in first-person and that enables us to get closer to a child/person just by reading the text. In that way the person that reads the book has the impression that the child/person is addressing directly to him and speaks for itself.


Rock band


Rock band “Zvuci srca” (“The Heart sounds”)

Formation of the band “Zvuci srca” is a unique project in the territory of our country, region and beyond. It gathers young persons with mental disability, who started the preparation for starting a new “brand” with great enthusiasm. The existence of the band, on the one hand, enables the development of potential of the group members, as the promoting the work which leads to their more qualitative life, and on the other hand, it leads to break down the prejudices about the capabilities of this population and their involvement into the social community.

The aim is a social integration of persons with mental disability through development of the process for their self-advocacy.

Our wish is to present people with mental disability in the most positive way in the process of social inclusion, and that their talents represent themselves, instead of us representing them.

The band consist of seven members, of which three member are from Institution for adults “Srce u Jabuci”, and other members are boys and girls who are long-time participants of our program activities, and who showed the special talent for developing music skills.




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