The fourth seminar for CSO in Jagodina

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Within the project “We Care We Act” - Boosting initiatives for strengthening inclusiveness and pluralism of the society towards persons with disabilities and their families which was financed by the European Union, within the programme of European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights, with the support of Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, the two-day seminar was held.

The target group of the seminar were the representatives of Civil Society Organisations. This was the fourth seminar that was held for the representatives of CSO in order to help these organisations in supporting the people with disabilities, by directing them in the ways of practicing their rights. In addition, the goal of the education was to start the networking of Civil Society Organisations in order to start the joint action.

The seminar was held on February the 15th and 16th 2014 in the hall of Gerontological Centre in Jagodina. The participants of the education were representatives of different Civil Society Organisations from Cuprija, Jagodina and Paracin.

The topics of the education addressed on representing the importance of linking, joint action and CSO networking. The important subject of the seminar was also the influence of network on improvement of quality of life of persons with disabilities, as well as the role of CSOs in the community in Serbia. The goal of the future CSOs action was created through lecturing, discussions and mutual exchange.

The satisfaction of the participants was seen through the comments they wrote in final questionnaire, where they wrote that they would be more engaged in motivating their members, and participation and experience exchange helped to acquire new techniques that could be used within their organisations.

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