Education of parents in Cuprija

The aim of the project “We Care We Act” is strengthening the inclusiveness and pluralism of the society towards persons with disabilities and their families within the municipalities of Jagodina, Cuprija and Paracin and adjacent municipalities, while its implementation is a part of European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR), which is financed by European Union. The leading applicants of the project, experts of the Humanitarian organisation “Child’s heart” held the education of parents of children with disabilities on February the 8th and 9th 2014 in the premises of Centre for Family Placement and Adoption in Cuprija. The seminar was attended by the parents and foster parents of children with disabilities. The aim of the education was to empower parents for implementing organized, systematic and thoroughly planned process of influencing matters of public interest. As we could see from their expectations, the parents came to the education to learn more on upbringing of their children and to improve the communication with them. They expect to exchange the experiences with other parents and to get advices from the educators who within their professional work have every-day contact with children and adults with disabilities. Parents are also interested in rights they can practice, concerning their children. The most of parents emphasized that they have gotten only few rights, but the greater problem for them is the thing they do not know which are the rights they can have. After the two-day education parents emphasized in written evaluation that the seminar met all their expectations, they gained the knowledge on the adequate approach to their children and how to react in different every-day situations that are part of their lives. The knowledge they gained on how to prepare their children for living in the community is important for them.



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