The seminar for volunteers in Jagodina

The project “We Care, We Act” is aimed at launching the initiative for strengthening pluralism of the society towards persons with disabilities and their families in municipalities of Jagodina, Cuprija and Paracin, as well as adjacent municipalities. The implementation of this project is within the program of the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR) financed by the European Union. The leading applicants on this project, experts of Humanitarian Organisation “Child’s Heart” held the education of volunteers named “Strengthening the Capacities of Students of Faculty of Pedagogy in Jagodina” on December, 25th and 26th 2013 in the premises of Gerontological Centre in Jagodina. The education was attended by 32 actively involved volunteers in total, mostly students of Faculty of Pedagogy.

The education was held according to agenda and synopses prepared in advance, in accordance with previous knowledge and experience of volunteers. Besides this, in advance-prepared agenda, educators have been harmonizing themes and the ways of their presentation during the seminar with the needs and interests of the group. It was great honour and pleasure to work with young people full of energy and enthusiasm, eager for new knowledge and experience. Some of discussed themes at this two-day education were also the society’s prejudice against persons with disabilities and how to break them down, the ways of communication with persons with disabilities, the roll of volunteers and establishing Volunteer’s Centre, workshop’s work, team work etc.

During the final part of the education we have asked the participants to fill in the Final Questionnaire in order to mark the importance of the education for their further work and the fulfilment of their expectations. This was in order to assess levels of acquired knowledge, desire and competence for implementing activities with persons with disabilities. The participants have stated that the seminar helped them to learn how to assess capabilities of persons with disabilities, to communicate with them, to launch volunteering service that they have met new associates and friends who will help them in further work. They now feel more enhanced and secure in work with persons with disabilities. They have also stated they are now richer for a great experience which educators have transferred to them through practical, life experiences and that was the greatest thing at the whole seminar. Furthermore, they have stated that the education was very helpful in overcoming prejudice they had against persons with disabilities, as well as they have founded out that only patience and calmness in work can lead towards good results. The fact that almost all participants have stated in the questionnaire that their expectations were fulfilled in total, that education was very interesting and dynamic and that they would like to have more similar educations show the seriousness of the seminar.



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