"Life Skill's School" in Kustendorf

We are glad to share, with all those who love, support and follow our work and activities, the news that one more, the 61st, “Life Skill’s School” for children and adults with disabilities was held. This time we were at Mokra Gora, in “Kustendorf” hotel from the 8th till 13th of December 2013. With twenty one beneficiaries from six different institutions throughout Serbia (“Otthon”, “Veliki Popovac”, “Srce u Jabuci”, “Kulina”, “Veternik” and “Male Pcelice”) and 4 children from Belgrade nine educators stayed and took care of them. Most of the beneficiaries had the opportunity to go outside the institution and see the outer world for the first time in their lives.

Through program’s content which meets every hour of the day, the participants had the opportunity to socialize, spend time within the activities in informal and casual manner. Every day began with morning exercise in the sports hall, then we went for long walks in order to get to know better the environment and enjoy the beauty of nature on the beautiful, sunny days. After the lunch we had the deserved rest, and after that we had workshops where we had the chance to show our creativity through various themes and in various ways. Of course, the unavoidable part of the day is disco which is favourite activity of all participants, because it gives them the opportunity to relax and, through play, singing and different games (like karaoke, best dancing couple or beauty contest), strengthen the competitive spirit, learn how to behave in the team, and also to become even more closer and get to know each other better. Six teachers have had the opportunity to participate such a program for the first time. Although they all have rich working experience in this field, they all agreed that this was very important to them and that they will try to implement these activities in their institutions.

All of this would not be possible without generous support of Ekomer Foundation and Custendorf Hotel with whose help we enabled the children and adults with disabilities to get out of their everyday life and join activities of wider community. On this occasion we would like to give special thanks to the staff of Kustendorf hotel for exceptional hospitality, willingness to meet requires of all participants and thereby contribute their greater social inclusion.



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