Education on Vlasina Lake

Within the cluster project “Good day, neighbor” which is being implemented in the municipalities Prokuplje, Gornji Milanovac, Vrnjacka banja and Trstenik, Humanitarian organization “Child’s heart” was engaged to educate the associates that are implementing the project. The training was organized by accredited program “Basic training for working with children and people with disabilities” from 6th till 10th of September 2013 on Vlasina Lake. Nine participants was educated, five of them are employed at the Centre for Social Care in Gornji Milanovac, and four in Parent's Association for Children with Disabilities in Vrnjacka banja and work at Day Care Centre there. 

Trainers created the education according to the participant's expectations and their experience in working with people with disabilities. The participants had the opportunity to exchange the experiences and dilemmas they face in everyday work, as well as to get the practical guidelines regarding the concrete work with the beneficiaries. They also had the opportunity to practice the beneficiaries' assessment using the “Assessment Scale for the General Success of Beneficiary”, as well as creation of Individual Educational Plan in accordance with the needs of every beneficiary.

After the education, within which they had the opportunity to assess the beneficiaries using the “Assessment Scale for the General Success of Beneficiary”, participants said that now they will have the instrument which they can use for assessing of the functioning of the user, which will be very significant in creation of further work with the beneficiary. The participants also said that their work with the beneficiaries will now be much more productive because they learned how to reach the goal using the concrete tasks and activities. In evaluation questionnaire, the participants stated that the education was much different than the others they had the opportunity to participate because of different and more human approach to this problem, and also thanks to the creative way of presenting the knowledge and experience which educators have and which they unselfishly provided to the participants.


Visiting the warm family Kostic...

On Tuesday, September the 10th we had great pleasure and honor to visit Branislava Kostic, foster parent of girl Bojana Basic, who was placed in Kulina institution before her movement to the foster family, a year and a half ago. The first positive surprise that we saw about Bojana, was the she was a great host, who welcomed us very warmly and was making sure all the time that we feel comfortable and well guested. We have noticed the obvious change at Bojana, firstly in her physical appearance, her behavior and cheerful mood. From a girl who in Kulina used to sit in one corner and play with the same toys, she now became a very socialized girl who gets involved in the communication with others cheerfully, always with a smile on her face and always happy to meet new people. Now, Bojana goes to the Day Care Centre happily every day, where she socializes with her peers and initiates many joint activities. Her foster parent, Branislava is full of impressions and experiences that she lived with Bojana and she talks about them willingly. They are involved in plenty of activities together, but the places that they prefers the most are restaurants, and these are the visits that Bojana likes the most and she always make special preparations for going there. She prefers the most, as most of the girls, to get dressed nicely, paint her nails and goes to lunch or to listen to the music. When she hears the music, she starts to dance and invites all the people in her environment to dance with her. It was a great joy and pleasure to visit this lovely family, which is the great example of how special foster care can live, and the only thing needed for that is love. The thing that specially makes us happy and gives faith in foster care is the thing that Branislava will soon become Bojana’s guardian.


New adventures with old friends

Druzenje sa Quadrom (30)

On Sunday, September 23rd 2012 in “Cigra”, kids’ playground, our long-year donors and friends from the Quadra Graphic Company have spent 3 hours socializing with children with disabilities from Zvecanska.

We were happy to have the opportunity to get to know our donors through socializing, work and play. Till yesterday we were happy to have them as our donors and support our work, and from yesterday we are happy that such nice people exist. Sincerity, spontaneity and huge energy that every employee has in the same, yet different way, show the secret of their success, their team work and focus towards the same goal. 19 children, 8 teachers, 21 employees of Quadra Graphic, 6 members of “Child’s heart” in a small space are the facts that could give the impression of the chaotic situation, but on the contrary it was full of harmony, balance and positive energy.


Press conference in Uzice

konferencija 010

Within the project “We Care” – Promotion of social inclusion of persons with disabilities and their families through joint activities in Montenegro and Serbia, a press conference was held in the City hall in Uzice on February 27th 2013. 

The goal of the conference is to inform the wider community about the beginning of the project, its aims and activities. Conference is designed to be attended by representatives of organizations working with persons with disabilities, representatives of schools, City Government and the Centre for Social Work. The audience was addressed by Branko Gavrilovic - representative of the City Council, Ivana Rojevic – H.O. “Decje srce”, Radmila Markovic – director of the Centre for Social Work of municipalities Niksic, Pluzine and Savnik, Jelica Maric - Center for Social Work in Uzice and Denis Slatina - Joint Technical Secretariat. Local televisions from Uzice (TV5, TV Lav and TV Alfa) also responded to the press conference.

A touching reunion of children after year and a half

Within the project “Support to Deinstitutionalization of Children with Complex and Severe Disabilities Currently Placed in Kulina” the final activity was implemented, the five-day workshop, from March 27th to 31st 2013 on Zlatibor. The goal of the project activities in the last three years has been the de-institutionalization of children with mental disability, their preparation and placement in the family setting. The workshop on Zlatibor was the evaluation of previously held activities and determination of the level of children’s progression. On this occasion the foster families with their children on fostering, representatives of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, representatives of Kulina institution and representatives of “Child’s heart” (educators who worked with children and fosters) were gathered.

During the stay on Zlatibor we had the activities that were structured and which implied some separate and some joint activities of children and fosters. The workshops with fosters were organised with the aim to evaluate the time from children’s transfer from Kulina to their families, to assess the level and way of their adaptation to the families and environment. We have also monitored the activities that children have at their families and assessed the needs of children (e.g. starting the new services…) in order to ensure the most qualitative life of children. The reunion of children, who were spending the whole day together while living in Kulina, and then suddenly got separated, was very touchy. Children recognized each other and had strong emotional reaction. Children who can express themselves commented about the changes that happened. We could see the great changes on children’s look, appearance, mood, new skills that they’ve learned, better expressions…

Volunteer education in Aleksinac

Within the project "Programme of Support for Children with Disabilities and their Families", implemented by Association "I Have the Right" from Aleksinac, Humanitarian organization "Child's heart" is engaged to implement the training for volunteers of mentioned project. The training was organized by the accredited "Life Skill's School" program on 15th and 16th of July 2013 in the premises of Small Group Home in Aleksinac. The participants have various professions (defectologists – oligophrenologists, physical therapist, preschool teachers, school teachers, students of the Faculty of Special Education and Rehabilitation, Faculty of Political Science, Economics, Social Workers, nurses, psychologists, occupational therapists) and are engaged in different fields of the project according to their professions.

"Life skill's school" is program for training professionals to evaluate and prepare people with disabilities to live as independently in the least restrictive environment. The ultimate beneficiaries are people with disabilities who are in institutions, biological or foster families, as well as those located in Community Housing with support. Users are also professionals from centre for social work and workers in institutions (specialists, occupational therapists, nurses, medical staff and others), as well as parents, guardians, foster families and all interested in working in the social welfare.

At the beginning of education, trainers discussed with the participants about their expectations, so they could implement the planned topics accordingly. Participants have been expecting to learn some innovation in working with people with disabilities in order to improve quality of their work and to work on their professional development; to gain the practical knowledge that will be able to put into practice... In the final part of the seminar, participants have had the opportunity to evaluate the quality of the training by using evaluation questionnaire. The analysis of the questionnaire shows that the participants had agreed that education is interesting and instructive, completely understandable and interesting. They also think that education is necessary for all who come into contact with children and persons with disability, even for parents and foster parents. Participants estimated the topics and the contents as necessary in the current and future work, noting that until now, they haven't heard so many practical advices nor supporting materials that will help them in further communication with beneficiaries. They especially emphasize the importance of a large number of practical examples that were given to them by the trainers, who were trying to transmit their experience in every aspect of training.

The seminar for CSO in Jagodina

Within the project “We care, we act” - Boosting initiatives for strengthening inclusiveness and pluralism of the society towards persons with disabilities and their families, the seminar for representatives of Civil Society Organisations from Jagodina was held in the hall of Centre for Social Work in Jagodina on September, the 23rd and 24th 2013. The seminar was attended by representatives of Society for Sport and Recreation, Parent’s Association of Children with Mental Disability Jagodina, Centre for Independent Life of Persons with Disabilities, Mountaineers Club “Runolist”, Daily Care Centre for Children and Youth with Autism and Cerebral Palsy, Daily Care Centre for Children and Persons with Disabilities, Red Cross, Parent’s Association of Persons with Autism and Society for Polio and Cerebral Palsy.

The seminar’s objective was to help Civil Society Organisations in order to improve their capacities in providing assistance to people with disabilities to exercise their rights and also to start Civil Society Organisations’ networking and joint actions. The educators were social care experts.

The participants had the opportunity to find out more and discuss news concerning social care system, especially when it comes to the roll Civil Society Organisations have in social care system, the ways of their acting, networking and providing social care services, the minimal standards they have and how to license their services. On the second day of the seminar, the participants had the opportunity to hear more about legal framework for strengthening Civil Society Organisations and developing their partnership with State Administration. The participants discussed the ways Civil Society Organisations are involved in preventing discrimination against people with disabilities, the implementation of Law of Social Care, the ways of employing people with disabilities, the law concerning Associations and Volunteers. The participants had also the opportunity to go through the writing of project’s proposal in practical way; they got as concrete as possible guidelines of how to write a project. The participants had also the opportunity to learn about the procedures through which project goes from the moment of submitting it to the moment of receiving a response from donor. Some details were especially emphasized concerning project’s writing, e.g. sustainability, measurable results, well planned activities and budget.

At the end of the seminar, participants completed final questionnaire from which it can be seen how much the topics were important and how much they can be useful to them in future work. In the questionnaire, the participants stated that the seminar was exceptionally useful and educational for future work, that now they feel empowered to create project’s proposals and to cooperate with other associations through various activities.

Visit to the Small Group Homes

On Friday, September the 7th 2012 we visited the Small Group Homes in Aleksinac and Nis. We had meetings with the representatives of both SGH, where we talked about progress of children, getting used to their new environment, also about the needs of the SGH on which we should work. When we entered the small group homes, it was a pleasure to see the children who totally got used to the environment, which gives them happiness, pleasure and satisfied, which is showed by the smiles on their faces.

In Aleksinac we visited the primary school “Smeh i Suza”, where all the children from small group homes are attending, we spoke to the defectologists who work with children and exchanged the experiences about working with children. In Nis, two children are attending the primary school “14. Oktobar”, while for other children the classes will be organized at small group homes, because inability of their transfer.

This was also an opportunity to bring the many donations (clothes, toiletries…) that our friends from local sector have provided for children from small group homes. Next visit of “Child’s heart” to the small group homes in Negotin, Nis and Aleksinac is planned for the end of the September, when other children from the Kulina institution will go to their new home.

The Caravan 2000 conference in Germany


The conference of the Caravan 2000, an International network of the organizations that advocate for equal rights and inclusion of all vulnerable groups, was held in Bernau-Berlin, Republic of Germany, from 11th till 15th of October 2012. The conference was attended by 19 countries from Europe and Near East, 52 participants in total. Our country was represented by Ivana Stajkovic from the organization “Drugaciji Zajedno” from Nis and Goran Rojevic, president of the Humanitarian organization “Child’s heart” from Belgrade.

The Conference had three thematic blocks, and one of the main subjects was elaboration of project proposal for Grundwing application of the European program “Long Life Learning for People with Disabilities”. Participating countries were divided into working groups according to their acts in this great project. Our country has been a part of working package –implementation- and within it we had got the invitation from Austria and Portugal to participate as partners in their subprojects.

agstefan1The whole project proposal that Caravan 2000 as an International network of the organizations will apply for Grundwing program is designed so that each member state has a role or subproject whose leitmotif was employment, leisure and family life of people with disabilities.



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