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Structure of the organization

Since its beginning, “Child’s Heart” has endeavored to establish an adequate organizational structure that would enable the sustainability, stability and functionality in the society that is in the process of constant transformation. Constant changes of government, laws and regulations, changes in the financial stability of the country and general instability required the organized structured so that it can survive in all periods. Our path must not be interrupted, because we are established to represent children and people with mental disability, who will need that for their entire life. They will always need someone to help them, represent them and try to socialize them. 

For eleven years we have resisted, overcome the crisis and every year we were stronger, more stable and organized, and the good structure has helped us in that.

The Assembly of the organization consists of all of its members.

  •  Steering Committee is the executive body of the organization that takes care of conducting the goals of the organization, which are determined by the Statute and decisions of the Assembly.
  •  Supervisory Board does the supervision over financial and other business of the organization and reports to the Steering Committee about the errors observed.
  •  The President is responsible for the management, presentation, representation and decisions within the organization.
  •  Vice President is helping and replacing the President at the organization.
  •  The Secretary takes care on the financial management of the organization and contacts with the international humanitarian organizations.
  •  The Accountant takes care of financial and administrative jobs for the needs of the organization.
  •  The Lawyer takes care of organization’s compliance with the law and he does the legal representing of the organization.
  •  Program manager creates, organizes the program contents and gives the reports to the president about the changes of the program contents.
  •  Program consultant creates, conducts, follows and influences the changes during the realization of the program contents.
  •  The Implementer of the program activities conducts the planned program activities.
  •  Technical service takes care about the technical functioning of the organization.

Structure of the organization



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