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Partners of Child's heart

The quality of our life will increase if we choose an adequate life partner, the quality of our work will increase if we have an adequate business partner, and the quality of the service that we provide will increase if many of us, with different knowledge and possibilities, go toward the same goal. “Child’s heart” searches, chooses and finds partners for years. We choose them and they choose us, and the goal is always the same, to help those who need help the most.

Ministry of Labor and Social Policy is our key partner in achieving the vision, mission, and program contents since 2001. The partnership strengthens our joint goal, and that is to help people with disabilities in whole territory of Serbia.

Ministry of Interior has been with us at the key moment, when it was to be decided whether our work will be only in the county of Belgrade, or in whole Serbia. In 2002, they donated us a used car and in that way directed us to help our target group wherever they are in the territory of Serbia.

Ministry of Religion has recognized the importance of “School of Life”, the program for children and people with mental disability and allowed us to pilot our program at the monastery quarters. By this program we have become recognized later.

Ministry of Education has recognized and supported the “Life Skill’s School” program, as a combination of the activities that are key activities within the services in the education, social and health protection. They say that the activities conducted by the “Life Skill’s School” program are necessary for every child, whether he is with disabilities or not.

Republic Institute for Social Protection – since its establishment, they have recognized us as the organization whose program contents could improve the services that are provides in the community and motivated us to accredit the existing programs. After the accreditations, they hired us and recommended to the institutions and organizations that had the need for staff education.

Social Innovation Fund sees us as the organization with highest reputation in the field of working with people with disabilities, so has entrusted us to launch a project “Structuring and Institutionalizing the Day Care Service” in five regions of Serbia. The research that we have conducted and published is used as a basis in setting up the service of Day Care Centers at a national level. 

Centers for Social Work hired us as partners in developing and structuring of the existing social services, and we have developed our partnerships through forming the Centers for Family Placement.

Centers for Family Placement established the partnership with us within the development of specialized foster care for children with mental disabilities that are placed at the institutions from their early childhood. Assessment and preparation of children, foster parents and staff at the Centers enabled the development of the deinstitutionalization process.

Parents Associations and similar organizations of civil society are our partners from our beginning in 2001, because the aim of the organization’s existence is to help people with disabilities and their families. We have been strengthening the existing associations, founded the new ones in the places where they weren’t existed I networked them in the path toward the same goal. We have learned a lot from the parents and within these partnerships we have tried to be equally good learners and teachers.

 Associations in the neighborhood (Montenegro, Bosnia) – as the nearest neighbors with the same or similar mentality, development and aspirations, we have searched the similar solutions for the problems in social protection. Serbia is a little more advanced in the process of transformation of social protection, so we are often educators to our colleagues, parents and volunteers in the countries in the neighborhood.

Faculties i.e. scientific workers – we intensively cooperate with them in the field of scientific foundation of practical piloted project activities, instruments for the assessment of children and people with disabilities, and creation of new social services. The experts are from the Faculties of special education and rehabilitation (FASSPER), Politic sciences (department for social work) and Faculty of Philosophy (department for Psychology).

Schools are our partners in the field of involvement of children with or without disabilities in the program “Life Skill’s School”, and also in the field of including children that have never went to school into the school system.

UNICEF has chosen us for a partner that could help them in the realization of the deinstitutionalization program of big institutes that place children with disabilities and to find more human, better and more stimulating environment for life of those children, and that would be within the family. As their partner, we have developed a “Small Group Home” service, found and motivated biological families, developed specialized foster care, included children in schools, daily care centers…

Local donors – private and socially owned enterprises try to help the functioning of children and persons that are represented by our organization by their humanitarian work, volunteerism and donations. It is not rare that, during the long-term cooperation we become friends, and that friendship have lasted for many years now.

Foreign organizations (Czech Republic, Sweden, Austria, Italy, Bulgaria, England, Germany, etc.) who try to implement the programs that are showed to be good in their countries in Serbia. We also try to transfer our knowledge toward them, because the organized work with children and people with disabilities in our country exists from the sixties and our practical and theoretical experience is great. The partnership is important for us, as well as for them.



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