Since 2001, we have based our work upon 10 principles:

  1. Love toward the work we do
  2. Selfless efforts in achieving the set goal
  3. The wish to move our limits
  4. Desire to get the maximum potential from our users
  5. User is supposed to enjoy our company
  6. The necessity of creating everything that is important for user to have better, easier and more fulfilling life
  7. Developing of teamwork where every team member chooses and gets chosen for the work that will perform
  8. Exchange of knowledge, experience and program with all relevant actors in the country and abroad that could promote, improve and modernize our work
  9. To reach the farthest place in Serbia if we know that our work will lead to a positive change in the quality of life of any man
  10. Strategic, planned and systematically planned content access

We explain our principles by the following results:

  •  We have first started, and still are the greatest proponents of process of preparation as the basis of working with people with disabilities (“School of Life” and “Life Skill’s School”);
  •  We have organized 57 seven-day programs “School of Life” on different locations in Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia;
  •  We have conducted 15 seven-day “Life Skill’s School” programs in different locations in Serbia;
  •  We have also created 9 seven-day social inclusion programs on different locations in Serbia, where children from regular schools and children with disabilities were the participants;
  •  We have been in every institution in Serbia that help people with disabilities, and in 80% of them the staff education, assessment of functionality of the users have been conducted, and the transformation of some institutions was helped by our organization;
  •  We have developed the system of cooperation with private and social firms from local sector and by now we made partnerships in different actions with 2485 of them;
  •  We have recorded three shows (45minutes) and two commercials (15 seconds) that have been broadcast on all public and private televisions, and by them we have been breaking the prejudices;
  •  We have 3200 hours of mentoring and monitoring the staff in 8 daily care centers for persons with disabilities, during the program of assessment and preparation of users for living in the least restrictive environment;
  •  653 activities of social inclusion (going to the movies, theatre, picnics, swimming pools, concerts…) have been conducted;
  •  We have created a training program for staff of the institutions of social care and have educated 282 employees from the institutions for permanent placement of people with disabilities;
  •  We have 960 hours of education of staff of the institutions;
  •  We have 5500 hours of mentoring and monitoring of staff in the institutions for social care, during the conduction of the program of assessment and preparation of the user for living in the least restrictive environment;
  •  We have educated 41 employees from 8 daily care centers for conduction of the program of assessment and preparation of people with disabilities for living in the least restrictive environment;
  •  We have created the instrument for functional assessment of people with disabilities named “Assessment Scale for the General Success of Beneficiary”;
  •  1125 of persons with disabilities from the institutions and 195 persons with disabilities that live in their biological families have been assessed by the instrument;
  •  1890 of children and people with disabilities from the whole territory of Serbia have been covered by programs and activities of our organization;
  •  425 of parents of people with disabilities is covered by our advisory work and training courses specially designed;
  •  We have assessed 146 children with disabilities from the Kulina institution and developed a strategy for children to leave the institution;
  •  7 experts of our organization have spent 162 days in the Kulina institution assessing the children’s functionality;
  •  We are authors of two unique computer data bases named ISEEDORA (Information System of Electronic Records of Children with Disabilities) I – for people with disabilities and II – for children without parental care;
  •  We have conducted educative seminar for representatives of 25 Parent Associations from the whole territory of Serbia.

We have set the principles and respect them, and let the results speak for themselves furthermore.



You can contact us on one of following ways:

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