About us H.O. "Child's heart"

H.O. "Child's heart"

In 2001 we registered the organization “Child’s heart”, so that we could formalize and structure the work of enthusiast, mostly defectologists, who wished to spend their free time, knowledge and other resources in order to help people with disabilities. The research that we have conducted back then, showed that within the marginalized groups the most vulnerable group of children are children with mental disability. Knowledge that someone has to represent their rights during their whole life chose our work and the path we walk today.

Different, more interesting and practical approach to the children and young people with disabilities attracted more and more users by every day, while the number of us, working at the organization, remains the same. This is the thing that motivated us to organize many educations for volunteers and after 11 years, we can say that we have trained over 500 volunteers with different knowledge, profession and interest, and most of them stayed within organization over two years and worked with us. Today, we have 15 young experts at the organization with continuous-time and many partners at the whole territory of Serbia. Children and youngsters with disabilities are always happy to come to our activities, volunteers with knowledge and practical experience work with us side-by-side. To fulfill the quality of our services, we need three more partners. The first partner is the parent, the second is the donor, and the third is the State. Our work would be much less effective if the partners wouldn’t take an active part of the activities, so that fact motivated us to start parent’s educations. Educations helped us to move the parents from parental roll and educate them to become partners to their children. Without donors, our work would be limited in every field. That is why we have developed the system of seeking the funds from local sector, ministries, different funds and many foreign donors. Eventually, donors become our partners, long-time associates and friends of the organization. As the culmination of our work is institutionalization of the services that we provide, so that all children and people with disabilities could use them, the State is one of our most important partners. The State makes the laws and rules according to which we have to direct our activities that we plan to realize. As the organizations such as our, are flexible and innovative at work, they become the key ally at piloting and structuring the new services that are offered to the users. So, the group of enthusiast became the serious organization that cares about children and people with disabilities at whole territory of Serbia, the partner to the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy and Ministry of Education, to UNICEF, Republic Institute for Advancement of Education, Republic Institute for Social Protection, Institutions that take care of children, Centers for Social Work, donors, parents, volunteers and many others.



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