Strengthening cooperation among key actors of deinstitutionalization (institutions, CSW, providers of social services, relevant Ministry)


Within the project "A way from the institution to the independent life" the workshop "Strengthening cooperation among key actors of deinstitutionalization (institutions, CSW, providers of social services, the relevant Ministry)”was held. The project is implemented with the aim of strengthening the capacity of key actors in the transformation of institutions, de-institutionalization and social inclusion of persons with intellectual disabilities in the local community and is financed by the European Union within the project Open Arms.

In the Institution for Adults Placement "Kulina", in the period from June, the 23rd  to 24th 2015, the above-mentioned workshop was held, attended by representatives of all the Centers for Social Work throughout Serbia, whose wards are included in the project, foster parents, representatives of foster parents, management of the institution, representatives of the Humanitarian Organization "Child's Heart" and Biljana Zekavica, Head of the Department for Inspection Supervision of the Sector for Family Care and Social Protection in the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Policy.

The aim of the workshop was additional summation of past work but also agreement on final, but also already well-planned, strategy on deinstitutionalization of beneficiaries in the institution and their leaving to foster families. All participants agreed that joint cooperation, communication and connection of all actors and participants in the process are of the most important significance now. Considering that new service” Foster care for adults” was established by the project, there were many doubts that were resolved at this workshop. Visible problem was to network all necessary actors in the process of deinstitutionalization, so it was pointed out that direct communication between Institution "Kulina", foster families and their representatives, as well as the Centers for Social Work – guardians, is crucial, and must perform unobstructed, along with mutual cooperation, support and understanding. The final date for the relocation of beneficiaries in foster families was also agreed.

The workshop ended with optimism and excitement about the big step that is awaiting our fellow citizens who will soon find their new homes.



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