Adaptation of apartments

Within the project “A way from the institution to the independent life” it was planned to renovate apartments located in the building which is by the project planned for preparation of beneficiaries to leave the institution. The works were financed by the institution for social protection “Institution for Adults Placement Kulina” as their project contribution. It is important to note that by this adaptation the first Center for Beneficiaries’ Preparation to Leave the Institution was founded.

In September 2014 the selection of entrepreneurs was conducted and adaptation of apartments, which were in very bad condition and inappropriate for any activity, began. During the fall, works on renovation of these apartments were actively conducted, which resulted in: scraping the walls and ceiling, as well as application of appropriate primer and finally in painting; removing the existing parquet flooring and installing the new one; installing new radiators; renovating the existing woodwork; procurement and installation of complete bathroom; rehabilitation of water supply and sewerage network; as well as procurement of new furniture. Also, a ramp for wheelchairs was build which enables free movement of our friends who are currently in the process of becoming independent. Adaptation of apartments for beneficiaries’ preparation to leave the institution represents a big step for all us. It represents a solid start toward achieving common goals which tend to make the world a place of equal opportunities for all.
By implementing this project activity, the parallel between improvement of living condition and beneficiaries’ personal improvement can be noticed. This development is full of challenges for all of us. On photos bellow you can see what kind of life we want for our beneficiaries in the future.

This is how it used to look…

Work in progress!




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