Training for trainers

Within the project “A way from the institution to the independent life” the seminar “Training for trainers” was held. The project is aimed to strengthen the capacities of key actors of institutions transformation, de-institutionalization and social inclusion of persons with mental disabilities in local community. The project is funded by European Union within the project “Open Arms”. The ultimate goal of the project is de-institutionalization and social inclusion of persons with intellectual disability from Kulina institution to integrated network of social services in local community.

The education “Training for trainers” was held on August, the 30th and 31st 2014 in the hall of Institution for Placement of Adults with Disabilities Kulina and attendees were staff from the institution that already went through basic and practical level of training, so they acquired knowledge for higher level of education. The aim is to train experts of different profiles in technics for seminar holding and transferring theoretical and practical knowledge to their colleagues in the institution. In this way, sustainability of program of transformation and de-institutionalization of Kulina institution is enabled. As it was planned, 16 participants attended and were actively involved at the seminar. The seminar was designed and conceptualized in such way that participants through active involvement and practical exercise learn programme’s content and presentation skills. The first day of education was more focused on adoption of techniques for adequate transfer of knowledge to others, on institution as social service and on social services in the community. The second day of the seminar was focused on the process of transformation and de-institutionalization as well on the skills of knowledge transferring. 



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