Strengthening the capacities of volunteers to work with persons with intellectual disability

Within the project “A way from the institution to the independent life” which is carrying out in partnership with HO “Child’s heart” and Kulina Institution, the 2-day seminar “Strengthening the capacities of volunteers to work with persons with intellectual disability” was held. The seminar was held on August the 25th and 26th 2014 in Aleksinac in the premises of OTIS (Municipality’s organization for tourism and sport). 15 participants have attended it and were actively involved, and the educational structure of attendees was high educational degree (sociologists, psychologists, educators, pedagogues etc.). The seminar’s aim was to enable, through education of volunteers, necessary resources for adequate training of persons with mental disability to leave institution and their social inclusion in local community.

The topics presented at the seminar were selected and created to inform attendees on de-institutionalization process and to influence, through customized themes, the willingness of attendees to engage themselves in this process. By analyzing Final Questionnaire we got information that the seminar has met participants’ expectations, and we are especially pleased that the majority of participants have showed willingness to engage themselves in de-institutionalization process.



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