"A way from the institution to the independent life"

The project “A way from the institution to the independent life”- Strengthening the capacities of key actors of institution’s transformation, de-institutionalisation and social inclusion of persons with intellectual disability in local community.
The goal of the project is de-institutionalisation and social inclusion of persons with intellectual disability from Kulina institution to integrated network of social services in local community. The project is financed by European Union within the project “Open Arms”. Project’s duration is 12 months, and it begins to be implemented on June, the 16th 2014.

Main applicant is Institution for Placement of Adults with Disabilities Kulina and partner organisation is “Child’s heart” which will jointly participate in planning and implementing project’s activities.
 Target groups of the project are: staff from the institution who will go through specific and practical trainings, volunteers who will help in preparing and transferring persons with disabilities to families and local communities, persons with disabilities, representatives of Centers for Social Work, representatives of Centers for Family Placement, foster parents and services providers in 6 local communities (social, health, educational, employment etc.).
The most significant project’s activities are:
•    Creation of plan for institution’s transformation
•    Training of persons with disabilities in better communication, adaptation and implementation of life skills in the community
•    Training for trainers intended for employed experts in Kulina
•    Education of staff who will do mapping of needs of adults with disabilities in Kulina institution
•    Theoretical and practical education of volunteers for the programme of preparation for work with persons with disabilities  
•    Training of Centers for Social Work and regional Centers for Family Placement for transfer persons with disabilities from the institution
•    Training of local service providers in 6 towns in Serbia for social inclusion of persons with disability in integrated services in the community
•    Education of foster parents who will implement service specialized foster care for adults
•    Transferring the model of work from volunteers to foster parents on the specifics of persons with disabilities
Expected results of the project:
•    Pilot project of Kulina institution transformation is being developed, assessments and preparations of adults with disabilities for moving to local community
•    Assessment of beneficiaries from Institution for Adults Placement Kulina is being done
•    The capacities of professional competencies of Kulina staff for de-institutional process are being inceased
•    Volunteers’ resources in local community for preparation of adults with disabilities for process of their social inclusion in local community are being enhanced
•    Adults with disabilities who are leaving institutional placement and are included in the community through the process of social inclusion are being trained
•    Capacities of social and health services providers in local communities are being increased and the network of integrated approach for service providing is formed
•    Good practice examples obtained during project’s implementation are being collected, systematized and properly promoted



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