Held opening conference of the project “We built future”

The project “We built future” for its general objective has development and strengthening the competencies of the persons with mental and/or intellectual disabilities through training and work practice. Accordingly, the opening conference of the project was held 22/12/2017 at which spoke the Director of HO “Child’s heart”, Goran Rojevic, then Tatjana Sajcic and Ivana Rojevic in front of the project but also in front of HO “Child’s heart”. The activities of the project were presented in details to the attendees with emphasizing the importance of the active participation of all actors and the necessity of media promotion, since this is working practice, working engagement of persons with mental and / or intellectual disabilities, which is not yet sufficiently recognized in our country. Project Manager Tatjana Sajcic emphasized the importance of working engagement and inclusion in the community of persons with mental and / or intellectual disabilities as equal members of the community who will become able by this project to contribute to the improvement and development of their environment in accordance with their capabilities. Among the attendees at the conference were representatives of social enterprises who unselfishly shared with parents and other participants their previous experience in the field of work engagement and the success achieved by persons with mental and / or intellectual disabilities in that field. Project assistant, Ivana Rojevic, added that an essential component in work training is certainly education, and this project will provide individual access to each participant in accordance with the assessed skills and competencies.
The project “We build future” is implementing by HO “Child’s heart” in cooperation with Secondary Vocational School. Implementation of the project activities is financed by European Union, the Delegation of European Union in Serbia, in cooperation with the Government of the Republic of Serbia, precisely with the Ministry of Finance, Department for Contracting and Financing of EU Funded Programmes, within the programme IPA 2013 Development of efficient community services in the field of education and social protection at the local level, through the programme LOT 2 Social business initiative.