The "School of Life"



The goal of the “School of Life” program is to bring the person with mental disability closer to the programs, in an unobtrusive and acceptable way, so that a person can benefit from those programs during the activities of preparation for independent living.  For the first time in their lives, people with mental disability have the opportunity to separate from their parents, or to get out from the institutions and take care on their personal hygiene and hygiene of the living area, help at the meal preparation and to learn the rules of living in the group. 

 Target group of the program are people with mental disability from biological, foster families, institutions and children and people from non-stimulating environment.


 The content of the “School of Life” program:


One day in “School of Life”:

We have held 57 “School of Life” programs so far at different locations in Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia. This program has covered 620 children from whole Serbia, so far. 

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