Srna Sedmak

Date: 5. 2. 2014. 

We wish to inform you that the new humanitarian SMS number is started in order to collect funds for a girl, Srna Sedmak.

Srna is a fourteen months old girl who suffers esophageal atresia (ATRESIO OESOPHAGEI CUM FISTULA TRACHEOESOPHAGEALIS) i.e. the absence of esophagus. She needs operation at University Medical Centre Mannheim, Germany.

It is necessary to collect 100.000,00 Euro for Srna’s medical treatment.

Send an empty SMS to the number 6133.

Price of the message is 100 dinars.

The number is available through all networks in Serbia (Telekom Serbia, Vip and Telenor).

Humanitarian action lasts from February, the 5th till May, the 5th 2014.




You can contact us on one of following ways:

Phone:(+381) 11 33 49 623
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