Didactical material

Didakticki materijal 2

 Didactical material is a set of practical and obvious aids that help the adoption of necessary knowledge and master of complex life skills. 

The material is being used until it is seen that the skill has been mastered. Didactical aids are being adjusted according to real needs and possibilities of the person that is using them. That is why it is necessary that experts and assistants are educated for using and creation of didactical material.

The aim of creating and using the didactical material is to enable people with disabilities to, in an easy and interesting way, master the daily life skills. By using the material that is designed in this way, they gain confidence, the sense of responsibility and the feeling of importance in the collective.


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Didactical material that we have created so far:

The experts of our organization create didactical material that solves different, for people with disabilities unsolvable situations. It is being created for the needs of represents of social services or guardians of people with disabilities.