Accredited programs

Accredited programme: “Training of experts in implementing practical procedures in order to enhance persons with mental disability’s functionality”


General objective:

The training’s goal is implementation of concrete procedures contained within training programme in order to have as quality as possible care of physical and psychosocial development of children with mental disabilities placed in institutions. Procedures are in accordance with modern pedagogical methods. We have systematically linked recommendations for concrete procedures in work with children in 5 methodological units in order to achieve main goal.

Specific goals according to methodological units:

Methodological unit- personal hygiene and nutrition- Training of experts in implementation of concrete methodic procedures in process of independent living or providing adequate assistance to persons with mental disability to maintain personal hygiene and to feed adequately.

Methodological unit- moving and security- Training of experts in developing concrete procedures for improving safety of children with mental disability during organized going out, walks, free moving and similar. The aim is to train experts to react properly in certain stressful situations and to increase the level of general security.

Methodological unit-speech and communication- Training of experts in developing speech and communicative abilities of institutional beneficiaries as a fundamental pre-condition to establish mutual relation of respect and understanding. Successful communication is the way toward more individual approach to persons with mental disability who are placed in residential institutions.

Methodological unit- children’s behavior and socialization- This methodological unit is directed towards development of competencies significant for those procedures related to the creation of desirable behavioral forms and which are directed towards integration of children with mental disabilities in narrower and broader social community and are focused on those procedures related to enhancing socialization process.

Methodological unit- motivation of children- This part of the training includes development of competencies related to enhancing the level of motivation among children with mental disability and it is based on adopting concrete procedures which contribute to higher level of motivation for performing everyday concrete activities.

Target group for experts’ training

The training is primarily intended for staff employed in residential type institutions who want to improve their professional competencies in the field of concrete procedures in work with children with mental disability and to enhance the quality of work in accordance with innovative measures of modern society’s social protection.

The field programme is related to and final beneficiaries

The programme is related to persons with mental disability placed in residential conditions in Serbia, which is one of most marginalized social groups in our society. The final beneficiaries of the service are children with mental disabilities who are placed in residential institutions for a longer period of time.

Accredited program “Basic training for working with children and people with disabilities”

The aim of the program is to train the participants of the seminar for functional assessment of people with disabilities, creation of individual programs of work and to conduct the activities with them and their guardians.

The contents of the program:

The target groups of education:

Volunteers, future fosters, personal assistants, pedagogical assistants, parents of children with mental disability and all others who, by their direct work, wish to help or to work with people with disabilities.

The area to which program applies and its final users:

The support of people with disabilities, as one of the most vulnerable marginalized group in our society. Among the people with disabilities, the most vulnerable are people with mental disability who cannot fight for achievement of the basic rights by themselves.

There has been trained the staff of homes for children without parental care, volunteers who helped the process of children’s preparation for leaving the Kulina institution, carers that were included in home help program, etc.


Accredited program “Life Skill’s School”

Life skill’s school is a program of training the professionals for assessment and preparation of people with disabilities for living as independently as possible in the least restrictive environment.

Goal / goals

Target group of professionals for training:

The program is designed for professionals - defectologists, social workers, psychologists, lawyers, pedagogues, doctors, work therapists, nurses, carers that work at the institutions; it is also designed for parents of children with disabilities, foster families and guardians.

The area to which program applies and its final users:

So far, we have educated the staff at the institutions for permanent accommodation of users at Stamnica, Jabuka, Veliki Popovac, Kulina, Tutin, Kragujevac, also the staff from daily care centers at Vladicin Han, Paracin, Stara Pazova, Odzaci, Bela Palanka, Sid, Uzice and Cajetina.